Celia the Angel

“That’s what I want to know! There I was in the public library, doing my job and minding my own business when I picked up this book, and now I’m in some sort of reverse Narnia with a book I can’t read and the personification of everything pure and righteous in the universe getting ready to lop off my head.”

Imagine you are a young librarian doing his job when you find a strange book and are summoned to a world they don’t understand where this book not only places target on your back, but attracts the attention of a powerful Angel who can’t decide whether to aid you or slay you.

Have fun!

That is what happens to Sam Bartholomew in the new Amazon Vella series Celia the Angel.

You are in for one amazing ride as Sam encounters desperate warriors, strange multi-armed tradesman who will perform any task for a fee, an indescribable foe with tendrils everywhere, and an Earth language nobody speaks at home that may hold that world’s greatest power. All the while he must cope with the capricious Angel of Celestina along with the others he meets along the way.

You can start reading right now! Future episodes are as little as 25 tokens each! (I did the math and each token comes to about a penny. So for as little as a quarter you get the next installment!

Failing to read this series provkes Celia. Do Not Provoke Celia…