The News had Best be Good

I thought I would give you a little glimpse of what is going up from me. There is going to be a new Pardigan novel, do not doubt that. I’m just waiting on people buying the first, so if you do not yet own a copy of this fine work of fiction, go to to go straight to the purchase page on Amazon.

Part of the good news today is that I am going back on the convention circuit. My first confirmed stop is at Orycon, where I will be helping out at NIWA’s table. I will try to get a reading but I have been offered no promises. I will be manning the NIWA booth at the Dealer’s Room Sunday and possibly other times depending on when I’m available and how much help they need. When I’m not there, I will likely be at panels or at the Creation Station. I also plan to be part of the music programming.

Please find out more about Orycon at and I will keeping posted on my schedule of appearances.

Finally, I am in the midst of the bane of writers and artists everywhere — the secret project. I will be able to tell you of it soon, but for now here is a small hint: it involves a librarian and a very special book.

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