Every empire begins with a single house. So it was with the great Pardigan Line.
Today, the Pardigan Line and its ships carry the people, communications, and cargo that hold the United Worlds together. But would you have believed it in the beginning, if you had met Andreas Pardigan and seen the Fountainhead and the people and goods it carried?
These are the stories of how an empire began — with one man, one ship, and one galaxy….

In the first novel in the Pardigan series, freighter owner Andreas Pardigan and his small crew are hired to bring home a dissolute nobleman to face his father. But while the crew of the Fountainhead gives their charge a week-long reality check, things at home are spiraling out of control, forcing Pardigan to scramble for a way to survive against a cunning foe who will stop at annihilate all traces of the Ducal house.

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P.S.: In case anyone was wondering, and before sales figures have come out, I have already begun work on a new Pardigan novel!