A Tale of Two Movies

Inspiration can come from odd places. But I did get to do something over the weekend that might be inspirational.That is the differences between F9 and In the Heights, and how a good writer can learn from both. I saw both within a week, and while the second movie was significantly better than the first… Continue reading A Tale of Two Movies

Portland is Not in Space

Remember the scene in Star Trek II where Khan gloatingly relates “The Klingons have a proverb: “Revenge is a dish best served Cold.”” It is very cold in space…” Portland, Oregon is not in Space. Thus explaining why, from the perspective of a lifelong Portlander, iy is not very cold at all. It is HOT,… Continue reading Portland is Not in Space

Likely Stories

Right now I’m taking a downturn. You know, of course, that these happen to everyone. If I were to put my life story to press (which I might yet do. You have been warned.), there would be a lot of downturns. It’s not just something writers deal with — it’s something everyone deals with. The… Continue reading Likely Stories

Two Novels to Love (that are not mine)

Being in a community of writers means I get to read other people’s books. And a couple of these are definitely worth sharing, and not just because I have heard of the authors. The Very Littlest Dragon by Bear Charlton (with Laura Reynolds, illustrator). Tink is a dragon. Dragons are mighty and majestic — and… Continue reading Two Novels to Love (that are not mine)

Virtual Cons

I didn’t really get the chance to spread the news all that much, but I did get to attend the virtual version of Norwescon this year. And while the typical fandom scene I get into at live conventions was nowhere to be found, I did get to participate in many organized (to varying degrees) writing… Continue reading Virtual Cons

Stress relief

I think most of us are stressed close to our breaking points at this time. It helps many people to read a good book (like mine, hint, hint), or listen to audiobooks (I don’t have one yet), or play an awesome game (I have a couple of those to my credit, and a huge number… Continue reading Stress relief

Icy Writers

The ice storm in Texas has naturally drawn significant attention. but Oregon is having their own. I was personally out of power for nearly two days, only getting it back on a few hours ago as of this writing (6 pm on February 16). My mother across the river, who is also a writer, only… Continue reading Icy Writers

Big news!

Pardigan: the Steel Crucible, the first novel in the Pardigan series, is not available in all three forms: Kindle Unlimited, Kindle edition, and now Paperback. KU is like a sort of lending library where mine is one of the thousands of other books you get to read for a single monthly charge. In return, I… Continue reading Big news!