Sequel already?

Just to let the Pardigan fans (and I’m sure there are some out there, I just haven’t heard from very many because the book is so new) that I am working on a new adventure for the crew of the Fountainhead. And that’s all the few details I have in front of me. It won’t… Continue reading Sequel already?

The peril of not knowing

It’s been about a week since the publication of the Kindle file. If anyone has a strong opinion on it, go ahead and comment. I’ve had people say they see my posts too often,m especially in my sister site on Facebook, and not knowing the balance needed is really getting to me. One thing I… Continue reading The peril of not knowing

Crossing my Mittens

If you expect any comments on the “Bernie is Everywhere” memes, you will be disappointed. This is about myself, crossing my mittens, (if I were wearing mittens), and hoping for difficult situations to come out OK. One thing that I’m worried about is whether you will like my book, buy it, enjoy it, and share… Continue reading Crossing my Mittens