Stress relief

I think most of us are stressed close to our breaking points at this time. It helps many people to read a good book (like mine, hint, hint), or listen to audiobooks (I don’t have one yet), or play an awesome game (I have a couple of those to my credit, and a huge number in my collection.)

The last year has been a ride I never want to have to take again. But some good came out of it.

It took me an Amazon review to realize just what I had created in Andreas Pardigan. It made him sound like a guy I would be glad to spend more time with. While I will when I have the next novel ready to go.

Which may well be what I need to have right now – the knowledge that I did good work. You may want to glance at the page for The Steel Crucible and see the admittedly one-sentence reviews I’m getting. I recently wrote a couple of other writers. These were not my proudest moments, although there is a book of poetry I highly recommend if I can find the Amazon page again.

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